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This is an archive of prayers, songs, and other individual works relevant to the eleventh course of the seder for Pesaḥ (Passover): Barekh, containing the Birkat haMazon, the pouring of the cup for the psychopomp of Moshiaḥ, and the ritual opening of the door on Passover accompanied by the statement, “Sh’fokh Ḥamatkha.”

Click here to contribute a work or a transcription and translation of a historical work that you have prepared for Barekh in the Seder Pesaḥ.

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For a list of Haggadot for the Seder Pesaḥ, go here.

For an archive of prayers, song, and other supplemental material specific to other Pesaḥ seder courses, find:

A prayer for a country poised between demise and rebirth, by Rabbi Daniel Raphael Silverstein (Applied Jewish Spirituality 2023)

קְלִפּוֹת לֶפֶת | Items for the Second Seder Plate: Turnip peels, after the Holocaust remembrance of Pearl Benisch

כּוֹס לְמִרְיָם | Items for the Second Seder Plate: Miriam’s Cup of Water

הקול קטן של אליהו הנביא | A reflection on despair and suicide awareness to be read upon opening the door for Elijah at the Passover seder

Two Cups: Elijah and Miriam, a kavvanah and a prayer by Trisha Arlin

שְׁפוֹךְ אֲהָבָתֵךְ | Shfokh Ahavatekh (Pour Out Your Love), by Rabbi Ḥayyim Bloch (1948)

ברכת המזון לפסח | A poetic Birkat haMazon for Pesaḥ, from the Cairo Geniza (CUL T-S H11.88 1v)