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This is an archive of prayers, songs, and other individual works relevant to the ninth course of the seder for Pesaḥ (Passover): Shulḥan Orekh, the festive meal.

Click here to contribute a work or a transcription and translation of a historical work that you have prepared for Shulḥan Orekh in the Seder Pesaḥ.

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For a list of Haggadot for the Seder Pesaḥ, go here.

For an archive of prayers, song, and other supplemental material specific to other Pesaḥ seder courses, find:

קָפֶה בֵּית מַכְּסְוֶיל | Items for the Second Seder Plate: Maxwell House coffee

Ḥaroset, the Seder’s Innermost Secret: Earth & Eros in the Celebration of Pesaḥ, by Rabbi Arthur Waskow

פִּלְחֵי תָפּוּ״ז | Items for the Second Seder Plate: Orange segments, after the teaching of Susanna Heschel

סִילְקָא דְּרָב הוּנָא | Items for the Second Seder Plate: Beets, after the rabbinic teaching of Rav Huna (ca. 3rd c.)