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☞   Pesaḥ Sheni

This is an archive of prayers composed for or relevant to the Pesaḥ Sheni (the “Second” Passover) on the 14th of Iyyar, as described in Numbers 9:6-13 and Mishnah Pesaḥim 9:1-3.

Click here to contribute a work or a transcription and translation of a historical work that you have prepared for Pesaḥ Sheni.

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For a list of Haggadot for the Seder Pesaḥ on the 14th of Nisan, go here.

For an archive of prayers, song, and other supplemental material specific to other Pesaḥ seder courses, find:

הַגָּדָה שֶׁלַּפֶּסַח הַשֵּׁנִי | Haggadah for Pesaḥ Sheni on the Evening of the 14th of Iyar, compiled by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer

A guiding text and haggadah for a Seder Pesaḥ Sheni. . . .

יוֹם זֶה לְכׇל דוֹרוֹת | Yom Zeh l’Khol Dorot, a piyyut for Pesaḥ Sheni by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer

A piyyut for an under-recognized holiday, Pesaḥ Sheni, the festival of second chances (as described in Numbers 9:6-13 and Mishnah Pesaḥim 9:1-3. I attempted to write this in the manner of a traditional piyyut. The meter is equivalent to the Shabbat zamir “Ot Hi l’Olmei Ad.” The Hebrew spells out Yod – Tzadi – Ḥet – Kuf, because that’s my name. The translation is original, along with the notes. . . .