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Immersion (Purification)

דיא ערשטע טבילה | Die erste Twile | The First Bath of Ablution, a prayer-poem by Morris Rosenfeld (before 1898)

Mikveh Kavvanah for Affirming Jewish identity, by Rabbi Jonah Rank

Kavvanot when Washing One’s Body Before Shabbes, by Eyal Raviv

Mikveh Meditation for Erev Shabbat by Rabbi Haviva Ner-David and Shira Gura

Against Impurity, a prayer by Rev. Walter Rauschenbusch adapted by Rabbi Morris Lazaron (1918)

[Prayer] for purity, by Basil Lucas Quixano Henriques (1916)

תחנה אײדער אפרויא גײט אין טבילת מצוה | Tkhine for when a Woman Goes to Immerse in the Mikve (1910)