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☞   Sefirat ha’Omer

This is an archive of prayers composed for, or relevant to, the Sefirat ha’Omer, the forty-nine days of counting between the second day of Pesaḥ and Shavuot.

If you have composed or transcribed and translated a prayer for the Sefirat ha’Omer, please share it here.

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For readings customarily read or studied over the course of the Sefirat ha’Omer, please visit here.

סֵדֶר סְפִירַת הָעֹמֶר | the Order of Counting the Omer in the Spring

שִׁירַת הַדֶּרֶךְ הָרְחָבָה | Song of the Open Road, by Walt Whitman (1856), Hebrew translation by Shimon Halkin (1952)

תפילה בין השריפות | Prayer between the Fires (between the 32nd and 42nd days of the Omer,

Kavvanah between Lag BaOmer and Yom Qeshet (the 42nd day of the Omer), by Rabbi David Seidenberg (

תפילה בין השריפות | Abridged Prayer Between the Fires for Lag Ba’Omer (

אֶחָד | One, a song by Harry Nilsson (1967)

Scaling the Walls of the Labyrinth: Psalms 67 and Ana b’Khoaḥ