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ברכת תפלין | Ευχη Δια Τα “Τεφιλιν„ (Φυλακτηρια) :: The Blessings for Wrapping and Crowning Oneself with Tefillin, Greek translation by Yosef Naḥmuli (1885)

The blessings for the mitsvah of wrapping ones arm with the tefilin shel yad and crowning oneself with the tefilin shel rosh, in their Greek translation by Rabbi Yosef Naḥmuli. . . .

The Phylacteries, a poem by Rabbi Alter Abelson (1931)

The poem “The Phylacteries” (1931) by Rabbi Alter Abelson. . . .

בסיעתא דארעא