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Rosh haShanah la-Behemah Readings

This is an archive of public readings selected for, or relevant to, Rosh haShanah la-Behemah, the Jewish New Year’s Day for Domesticated Animals (Behemot), celebrated on Alef b’Elul, the first day of the month of Elul in the Jewish calendar. The day is one of the four New Year’s day festivals (Rosh Hashanot) in the Jewish calendar as explained in the Mishnah (Seder Moed Rosh Hashanah 1:1). During the Second Temple period, this was a day on which shepherds determined which of their mature animals were to be tithed for offerings. The day coincides with Rosh Ḥodesh Elul, exactly one month before Rosh Hashanah.

Beginning in 2009, the festival began to be revived by Jewish animal protection advocates and environmental educators to raise awareness of the mitsvah of tsar baalei ḥayim (obligating not causing undue suffering of any living creature), the source texts informing Jewish ethical relationships with domesticated animals, and the lived experience of animals impacted by human needs, especially in the industrial meat industry.

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📄 שֶׁבַע מִצְוֺת בְּנֵי נֹחַ | the 7 Noaḥide Commands, or those prohibitions mandated upon all of humanity according to early Rabbinic sources

💬 קריאות לראש השנה לבהמה | Torah and Haftarah Readings for Rosh haShanah la-Behemot on Rosh Ḥodesh Elul

💬 Proklamation der Grundrechte der Tiere | Proclamation of Fundamental Animal Rights | Proclamation des Droits Fondamentaux de L’animal (Die Grünen Bundesarbeitsgruppe “Mensch und Tier,” April 1989)

💬 Universal Declaration of Animal Rights (ILAR, revised 1989)

הֵיאַךְ יַרְגִּיל הָאָדָם עַצְמוֹ בְּמִדַּת הַחָכְמָה | How a person should conduct themself with Wisdom — chapter three from Tomer Devorah by Rabbi Moshe Cordovero (ca. 16th c.)

📖 פֶּרֶק שִׁירָה | Pereq Shirah, a litany of verses spoken by the creatures & works of Creation (after the arrangement of Natan Slifkin)