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Shiv’ah b’Adar Readings

This is an archive of public readings selected for the fast of שִׁבְעָה בְּאַדָּר (also, ז׳ באדר) the seventh of Adar, a commemoration of the day of the death of Mosheh Rabbeinu.

Click here to contribute a reading you have written, translated, or transcribed for Shiv’ah b’Adar.

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For prayers composed for Shiv’ah b’Adar, go here.

💬 סֵפֶר פְּטִירָת מֹשֶׁה | ሞተ ፡ ሙሴ | Motä Musē (the Book of the Passing of Mosheh), in Ge’ez with Hebrew and English translation