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Sigd Festival Readings

This is an archive of special readings for the Sigd festival.

Sigd (ሰግድ, ‘Prostration’, Hebrew: סיגד‎, also romanized Sig’d), or Mehlella (Ge’ez: ምህልላ, lit. ‘Supplication’), also Amata Saww (ዐመተ ሰወ, ‘Grouping Day’) is one of the unique holidays of the Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jewish) community, and is celebrated on the 29th of the Hebrew month of Marḥeshvan. Previously, Sigd was celebrated on the 29th of Kislev, and after a calendar reform in mid-19th century it was moved to its present day, 50 days after Yom Kippur.

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תהלים קכ״ב | Psalm of Gathering in Jerusalem (Psalms 122): the fourth reading for the Sigd festival

💬 נחמיה ט׳ | Rededication Ceremony (Neḥemiah 9): the second reading for the Sigd festival

📜 שמות י״ט-כ׳ | Revelation at Sinai (Exodus 19-20): the first reading for the Sigd festival

📜 דברים כ״ז | Blessings and Curses on the Mountains (Deuteronomy 27): the third reading for the Sigd festival