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Incantations, Adjurations, & Amulets

A Neo-Ḳabbalistic Amulet Against Dog Allergies, by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer

אײן אנשפראכע געגען עין הרע | An Incantation against the Ayin haRa (1896)

בִּרְכָּת הָבָּיִת | Birkat haBayit (Blessing for the Home)

קמע לשמירת המגפה | Amulet for Protection from the Plague, attributed to Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum (ca. 19th c.)

תפלה נוראה מרבי ישׁמעאל כהן הגדול | The Awesome Prayer of Rebbi Yishmael, the Kohen Gadol (Sefer Shem Tov Qatan 1706)

הרקיע השביעי | The Seventh Heavenly Dome, a description and hymn of divine praise from Sefer ha-Razim

קמע לשמירה מפני לילית | Apotropaic ward for the protection of pregnant women and infants against Lilith & her minions (CUL MS General 194, Montgomery 1913 Amulet No. 42)

מימיני מיכאל | “Mikhael is on my right,” an apotropaic invocation of angelic protection in the Bedtime Shema from the Maḥzor Vitry (ca. 11th c.)

שִׁמּוּשׁ תְּהִלִּים‬ | Shimush Tehillim (the Theurgical Use of Psalms), attributed to Hai ben Sherira Gaon

הספר ששמשו בו הכשדים | Theurgy of the Kasdim, an astral-magic treatise on the seven angels of the week

Υγρομαντεια | The Hygromancy of Solomon (ca. 5th c. CE)

גבריאל מימינהון | “Gavriel is on the right,” an apotropaic invocation of angelic protection in the amulet bowl SD12 (ca. mid-first millennium C.E.)

היסטוריולה של סממית וסידרוס | Historiola of Smamit and Sideros, a reconstruction based on Amulet 15 & Amulet Bowl 12a

אסו ית ארסינואי | Two healing prayers for Arsinoë’s recovery (Amulets 80.AM.55.1 & 80.AM.55.2, J. Paul Getty Museum)