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☞   Shir haShirim (the Song of Songs, Canticles)

שִׁיר הַשִּׁירִים | The Song of Songs, English translation by Paltiel Birnbaum (1949)

Paltiel (Philip) Birnbaum’s translation of The Song of Songs (Shir haShirim) in Ha-Siddur Ha-Shalem (The [Complete] Daily Prayer Book), Hebrew Publishing Company, 1949. . . .

שִׁיר הַשִּׁירִים | Shir haShirim :: the Song of Songs, chantable English translation with trōp by Len Fellman

A reading of Shir haShirim (the Songs of Songs, a/k/a Canticles) with English translation, transtropilized. . . .

בסיעתא דארעא