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tag: 5th century C.E.


📖 פֶּרֶק שִׁירָה | Pereq Shirah, critical text by Dr. Malachi Beit-Arié (1967)

אָז רוֹב נִסִּים | Az Rov Nissim, a piyyut by Yanai for the first night of Pesaḥ in its Latin translation by Johann Stephan Rittangel (1644)

📖 פֶּרֶק שִׁירָה | Pereq Shirah, a litany of verses spoken by the creatures & works of Creation (after the arrangement of Natan Slifkin)

Υγρομαντεια | The Hygromancy of Solomon (ca. 5th c. CE)

📄 A Letter of Passover Instruction, from the Judean Garrison of Elephantine/Yeb (TAD A4.1)