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עלת תמיד | Olat Tamid: Gebetbuch für Israelitische Reform-Gemeinden, by Rabbi David Einhorn (1858)

Rabbi David Einhorn’s prayer book `Olat Tamid (lit. the perpetual sacrifice)…first penned in Germany, served as the model for the Union Prayer Book,….the prayer book of the American Reform movement for almost eight decades. It reflected what is now called “classical Reform,” eliminating prayers for the restoration of Zion, mentions of the messiah, and bodily resurrection of the dead, while diminishing mentions of Jewish chosenness and the like. This is עלת תמיד Olat Tamid by Rev. Dr. David Einhorn (1809-1878), in its German-Hebrew edition (1858). . . .

בסיעתא דארעא