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Gebet beim Abscheiden des Teiges (חלה) | Domestic Prayer on Dividing the Dough, a teḥinah by Meïr Letteris (1846)

Wenn Man Chala Nimmt | When One Takes Ḥallah, by Yehoshua Heshil Miro (1829)

כוונה להפרשת חלה לשבת | Kavvanah for the separation of ḥalah before Shabbat, by Rabbi Oded Mazor

Prayer on Kneading and Baking Ḥallot for Shabbat, by Perle Derbaremdiger Peretz (fl. 18th c.)

תְחִינָה פון דיא מִצְוֺת חַלָה | Prayer for the Mitsvot of Preparing Ḥallah, by Sarah bat Tovim from the Tkhine of Three Gates (ca. early 18th c.)

Motzi, a kavvanah before eating ḥallah by Trisha Arlin