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📖 A Love Song for Shabbat, a Humanist supplement to Kabbalat Shabbat by Rabbi Dr. Tzemaḥ Yoreh (2013)

“Ein Mensch ist ein räumlich und zeitlich beschränktes” (A human being is…limited in time and space) — a letter of consolation by Albert Einstein (1950)

Emma Goldman on “Everybody’s Right to Beautiful, Radiant Things” (1931)

💬 What I Believe | Wie ich die Welt sehe (How I see the World), an essay by Albert Einstein (in English and German, 1930/1934)

I Seek, a prayer by Rabbi Abraham Cronbach (1924)

Be it ours to shed sunshine — a selection from “A Free Man’s Religious Worship” by Bertrand Russell (1910)

הָאִינְטֶרְנַצְיוֹנָל | the Internationale, by Eugène Pottier (1871); Hebrew translation by Avraham Shlonsky (1921)