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How Much Light? A Ḥanukkah Meditation by Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Ḥanukkah Visualization on Infinite Light, by Rabbi Daniel Raphael Silverstein

A Prayer before Candle-lighting, by Chaya Kaplan-Lester

A Kavvanah for Waking Up, by Andrew Shaw

הַאגְּדָה עוֹוָאִידְנָא | هاگدة عوّدنا | Agda ŋowaidna (Such is our custom), a Moroccan Jewish song for the conclusion of Ḥanukkah

עִם שָׁמֶשׁ | At Sunrise, a poem by Ḥayyim Naḥman Bialik (1903)

צַפְרִירִים | Tsafririm (Morning Spirits), a poem by Ḥayyim Naḥman Bialik (1900)

Beim Lichtzünden | When kindling the lights (for Shabbat and Yontef), by Yehoshua Heshil Miro (1829)

Gebete bei dem Anzünden der Lichter Freitag nachts | Prayer at the kindling of the Friday night lights, a teḥinah by Wolf Mayer (1828)