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Ceremony of Gender Affirmation and Name Change, by Lilah Rosenfield

מִי שֶׁבֵּרָךְ לִמְקַבְּלֵי שֵׁם אֱמֶת אַחַר אִשּׁוּר מְגַדְּרִי | Mi sheBerakh for those receiving a true name after gender confirmation, by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer

מי שברך על קבלת שם עברי | Mi sheBerakh on Receiving a Hebrew Name as an Adult

ברית שמות | Baby Naming Covenant by Rabbi Emma Kippley-Ogman and Benjamin Kamm

ברוכה הבאה | Blessed be the newcomer! — a ceremony for the naming of a baby daughter by Joshua Gutoff (ca. 1989)

Service for the Blessing of a Baby, by Lilian Helen Montagu (1962)

Prayer on the Sabbath of Naming a New Born Daughter, by Marcus Heinrich Bresslau (1852)

שנוי השם | Shinui ha-Shem, the healing ritual via name-change as reconstructed from “Sefer Toldot Adam v-Ḥava” by Rabbeinu Yeruḥam