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A Jewish Prayer for Nakba Day (يوم النكبة), by Rabbi Brant Rosen

Seven Hoshanot for Creation, by Rabbi David Seidenberg (neohasid.org)

A Blessing for the Sudden Relief from Chronic Pain, by Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Prayer for Our Nation [upon the Inauguration of Donald Trump], by Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz (2017)

A Prayer for the Steadfast on the Global Shabbat Against Home Demolitions, by Rabbi Brant Rosen (2016)

עשרת ימי תשובה | My Ten Days of Repentance Writing Exercise, by David Wolkin

A Prayer for Justice, Blessing, and Praise on Shabbat Shoftim, by Virginia Spatz (2015)

A Lamentation for Gaza on Tishah b’Av, by Rabbi Brant Rosen (2014)

עַל הַנִּסִּים בִּימֵי הוֹדָיָה לְאֻמִּיִּים | Al haNissim prayer on Civic Days of Patriotic Gratitude, by Aharon Varady

A Prayer for Kavvanah, by Amanda Rush

A Kavvanah for Waking Up, by Andrew Shaw

Raising the Olive Branch in Solidarity with Palestinian Olive Farmers: A Tu biShvat Seder supplement by Rabbi Arik Ascherman (2010)

A Confession of Communal Complicity, an Al Ḥet supplement for Yom Kippur by Rabbi Brant Rosen

A Personal Vow to Accept upon Oneself the Way of Non-violence on Yom Kippur, by Rabbi Brant Rosen

Prayer for Israel, by Rabbi Nahum Waldman (2004)

💬 Proklamation der Grundrechte der Tiere | Proclamation of Fundamental Animal Rights | Proclamation des Droits Fondamentaux de L’animal (Die Grünen Bundesarbeitsgruppe “Mensch und Tier,” April 1989)

💬 Universal Declaration of Animal Rights (ILAR, revised 1989)