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תהילים או לוס סאלמוס; טריסלאד’אד’וס דיל לשון הקדש אין לה לינגואה ספרדית | Psalms in Ladino (Estampado por Ǧ. Griffit, ca. 1852/3)

Join us in creating a faithful digital transcription of Tehilim, o los Salmos, trezladados del leshon ha-ḳodesh en la lingua Sefaradit (Ǧ. Griffit, 1852/3). After transcription and proofreading, this new digital edition will be encoded in TEI XML and archived in the Open Siddur database. We are grateful to the Sephardic Studies Collection at the University of Washington Library for imaging this Public Domain work. . . .

בסיעתא דארעא