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ברכה לילדים | Blessing for Children [at the Onset of the School Year] (Siddur Tefilat ha-Adam, Israeli Reform Movement 2020)

מי שברך לילדים והוריהם בשלהי שנה ובפתיחה | Mi sheBeraj para los niños y sus padres en el inicio de un nuevo año escolar | Mi sheBerakh for Children and their Parents at the Commencement of the School Year, by Rabbi Hagit Sabag Yisrael (Masorti Movement in Israel)

שמחת ברית | Simḥat Brit, by David Zvi Kalman (2018)

ברוכה הבאה | Blessed be the newcomer!, a ceremony for the naming of a baby daughter by Joshua Gutoff (ca. 1989)

Prayer on the Occasion of a Premature Birth, by Rabbi Elliot Kukla

ברכת הילדים | An ungendered Birkat Yeladim, by Yonah Bromberg Gaber

ברכת הורים לבר או בת מצווה | Parents’ blessing for a Bar or Bat Mitsvah by Rabbi Dr. Aryeh Cohen

שמחת בת | Simḥat Bat of Amalya Shaḥar Exler-Kaunfer, by Rabbi Elie Kaunfer and Lisa Exler

Prayer on the Sabbath of Naming a New Born Daughter, by Marcus Heinrich Bresslau (1852)

Bénédiction des parents sur leurs enfants — Imposition des mains | Parents’ blessing on their children. — Laying of hands (on a Bar/Bat Mitsvah), by Jonas Ennery & Rabbi Arnaud Aron (1852)

Prayer of Parents for a Son or Daughter in the Armed Forces, by Rabbi Max Klein (1951)