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תחנה פון אײן שװאנגער אשה זאל ניט מפיל זיין | Tkhine for a Pregnant Woman that She Not Miscarry (1910)

תחנה פאר אײן אִשָׁה װאָס דארף האָבּין אײַן קינד | Tkhine for a Woman who is about to Have a Child (1910)

א תחנה פאר א אשה מעוברת אז זיא גײט צו קינד | Tkhine for a Pregnant Woman when She is about to Give Birth (1910)

תְּחִנָה זאָגט מען װען מען בּײַסט אָפּ דעם פִּטוּם פוּן דעם אֶתְרוֹג | Tkhine for when biting the pitom from the etrog (Siddur Ḳorban Minḥah, 1861)

In Kinderloser Ehe | [Prayer for a Woman] In a Childless Marriage, by Fanny Neuda (1855)

[Gebet] Vor der Entbindung | [Prayer] Before the Childbirth, by Fanny Neuda (1855)

תחנה אױף קינדער האבין (פאר א אִשָׁה װאָס האָט ניט קײַן קינדער)‏ | Tkhine for Having Children for a Woman who Has No Children (ca. 1840)

Gebet einer Shwangern | Prayer of a pregnant woman, a teḥinah by Pereẓ Beer (1815)

[Gebet] in den letzten Monaten der Schwangerschaft | Prayer in the last months of pregnancy, a teḥinah by Pereẓ Beer (1815)

A Prayer for a Woman before giving birth, from a Seder Tkhines (ca. 1640-1720)

A Delightful Tkhine for a Pregnant Woman to Say (ca. early 17th c.)

A Prayer for a Pregnant Woman to Say when She Wishes for an Easy Labor (ca. early 17th c.)