Stunden Der Andacht (Fanny Schmiedl Neuda, 1855)

I have the great pleasure to be sharing a crowdsourced labor of love, the first book of prayers that the Open Siddur Project has completely proofread on Wikisource: Stunden Der Andacht (Hours of Devotion, 1855) by Fanny Schmiedl Neuda. I initially prepared the transcription from the 145-page, 1858 edition of Stunden Der Andacht with Tesseract-OCR and a scan of the book made by Google Books. Many thanks to Open Siddur Project contributor and volunteer, Chajm Guski, for helping to upload the transcription to the German Wikisource site. Many thanks go to the untold numbers of volunteer proofreaders, both veteran Wikisource volunteers as well as the many folk who came to proofread the text after seeing a tweet, facebook status update, or reading an email asking for German fluent readers for help. . . .

Transcribing Fanny Schmiedl-Neuda’s Sefer Tkhines: Stunden Der Andacht (1855)


We’ve transcribed and proofread our first collection of Jewish prayers!

If you can read German, we need your help.

We’ve transcribed Fanny Neuda’s Stunden Der Andacht, an important Jewish women’s book of prayers (tkhines) first published in 1855, and we need proofreaders who can read German, and who can . . .

בסיעתא דארעא