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אַרְבָּעָה בָּנִים | The Four Children — an alternative take by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer

שָּׁבוּעַ שֶׁל אַחְוָה לְאֻמִּית | National Brotherhood Week (in Israel), an adaptation of Tom Lehrer’s song by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer

[I’m Spending] Ḥanukkah in Santa Monica, by Tom Lehrer (1990)

National Brotherhood Week, by Tom Lehrer (1965)

אַ בְּרָכָה פֿאַרן קײסער | A Blessing for the Kaiser, from Fiddler on the Roof by Joseph Stein – Yiddish translation by Shraga Friedman (1965)

בּרידער | “Brothers” – Y.L. Peretz’s Sardonic Rejoinder to Friedrich Schiller’s Paean to Universal Enlightenment, An die Freude (Ode to Joy)