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A Prayer of Gratitude Upon Receiving a COVID Vaccination, by Chaya Kaplan-Lester (2021)

מודים דרבנן בלי מנין או אם לבד (אשכנז)‏ | Modim d’Rabbanan Replacement for when Praying Alone or Without a Minyan (Nusaḥ Ashkenaz), by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer

על הניסים ליום העצמאות | Al Hanissim for Yom ha-Atsma’ut: Theological & Liturgical Reflections, by Yehonatan Chipman (2003)

Teach Us to Be Thankful, by Rabbi Louis M. Epstein (1962)

[Prayers] in thankfulness, by Basil Lucas Quixano Henriques (1916)

Thanksgiving for Deliverance, by Rabbi Moritz Mayer (1866)

Prayer for the First Day of Sukkot, by Rabbi Moritz Mayer (1866)

Prayer of Thanksgiving on Recovering from Sickness, by Marcus Heinrich Bresslau (1852)

מוֹדה אֲנִי | Returning the body to the soul: an adaptation of Modeh Ani by Moshe ibn Makhir

תהלים ק״ז | Psalms 107, arranged by Aharon Varady