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An Offering of Prayer: Prayers and Meditations — Private and Public, compiled by Rabbi Morrison David Bial (1962)

https://opensiddur.org/?p=32508 An Offering of Prayer: Prayers and Meditations — Private and Public, compiled by Rabbi Morrison David Bial (1962) 2020-06-22 21:23:09 A collection of public, pulpit prayers, ceremonial, and other prayers to supplement the Siddur. Text the Open Siddur Project Morrison David Bial Morrison David Bial https://opensiddur.org/copyright-policy/ Morrison David Bial https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/ Personal & Paraliturgical Prayer collections Pulpit & Ceremonial Prayer collections Interfaith & Ecumenical collections of prayers 20th century C.E. 58th century A.M. New Jersey



This work is in the Public Domain due to the lack of a copyright renewal by the copyright holder listed in the copyright notice (a condition required for works published in the United States between January 1st 1924 and January 1st 1964).

This work was scanned by Aharon Varady for the Open Siddur Project from a volume held in the collection of the HUC Klau Library, Cincinnati, Ohio. (Thank you!) This work is cross-posted to the Internet Archive, as a repository for our transcription efforts.

Scanning this work (making digital images of each page) is the first step in a more comprehensive project of transcribing each prayer and associating it with its translation. You are invited to participate in this collaborative transcription effort!


“Just as a man must ever find new sources of meaning and comprehension in the Torah, so in the Service of the Heart, which is prayer, must a man find new sources of love and devotion every day.” –Rabbi Menaḥem Mendel of Kosov

The traditional prayerbook is the bastion of Jewish living. Through the centuries the Jew would turn to it many times every dav at home and in the synagogue. To the Ḥasid, finding new sources of love and devotion in the Siddur was a labor of joy.

We who are not Ḥasidim still find in our prayerbooks the heart of our Service. Yet in our search for meaning in prayer we would turn from time to time to other books.

The purpose of An Offering of Prayer is to supplement the prayerbooks, to provide prayers on subjects that are not dealt with in traditional material or that reflect more exactly the temper of our day.

The great majority of the prayers included here are of Jewish origin, but I have included some work of non-Jews that seemed in consonance with the spirit of our religion.

To all of those who have allowed me to use their prayers, to all those who aided in the collecting and arranging of this material, or who assisted in its publication, I offer my gratitude.

Especially do I thank the members of Temple Sinai of Summit, whose Tenth Anniversary was the occasion of this publication. It has been a privilege for me to accompany them over the years to this milestone in our religious journey. To them An Offering of Prayer is dedicated.

Morrison David Bial


TitleAuthor (note)Page Number
Our Temple’s PrayerTalmud Bavli Berakhot 12a1
PrefaceRabbi Morrison David Bial7
Private Prayer and Meditation9
A Meditation on PrayerRabbi Alvin I. Fine10
Man Is Here for the Sake of Others (excerpt)Albert Einstein11
Prayer — Where Can We Find God?Rabindranath Tagore (adapted)12
MeditationS. Michael Gelber14
MeditationS. Michael Gelber16
For Knowledge and UnderstandingRabbi Louis M. Epstein18
With All My Strength and SpiritJudah haLevi (translated by Olga Marx)19
A Meditation on Man and the WorldJacob Kahan20
I Must Praise GodEpictetus21
Prayer — On Seeking for GodRabbi Morrison David Bial22
May the Will Come from TheeRebbi Nahman of Bratzlav (translated by Jacob Sloan)23
From a Yemenite Prayer Book(translated by Herbert Weiner)24
A Prayer to the Great SpiritBlack Elk26
Petition for PrayerRabbi Morrison David Bial27
Sabbath Eve (In the Home)Rabbi Ely E. Pilchik28
A Song for the SabbathRebbi Aharon haGadol of Karlin (translated by Rabbi Morrison David Bial)29
Apologia on the SabbathRabbi Morrison David Bial31
A Mother’s Prayer at the Close of the Sabbathfrom the Yiddish (translated by Rabbi Morrison David Bial)32
Meeting with GodMoses of Evreus (13th century)33
A Meditation on Charityvarious authors34
A Prayer of ThanksRev. A. Powell Davies35
Teach Us to Be ThankfulRabbi Louis M. Epstein36
From the Dead Sea Scrolls, The Psalms of Thanksgiving(Millar Burroughs)37
Prayer Before a JourneyTalmud Bavli Berakhot 29b38
Prayer for One Far from HomeRabbi David de Sola Pool39
An Early Greek PrayerAttributed to Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea (260?-340? CE)40
On PrayerRav Abraham Isaac Kuk42
The Open Door of the HeartRabbi Morrison David Bial43
A Prayer for the DespondentRabbi Morrison David Bial45
A Prayer for the IllRabbi Morrison David Bial46
Public Prayer47
Benediction at the Inauguration of President John F. KennedyRabbi Nelson Glueck48
Synagogue Consecration PrayerThe Hon. Lily H. Montagu50
Installation PrayerRabbi W. Gunther Plaut51
Temple Anniversary PrayerRabbi Roland Gittelsohn52
Sabbath MeditationRabbi Alvin I. Fine53
Thou Who Art SpiritRabbi Morrison David Bial54
InterdependenceDorothy Canfield Fisher55
We Pause in ReverenceRev. Jacob Trapp56
Memorial Prayer (for those lost through human strife)Rabbi Alexander Goode57
For the Freedom of Mankind (excerpt)Stephen Vincent Benet58
For Peace Among the NationsRabbi Morrison David Bial59
The Music of HumanityRev. Jacob Trapp60
O Holy and Eternal SpiritRev. A. Powell Davies60
Prayer for Music ServiceRabbi Morrison David Bial61
For Largeness of SpiritTemple Sinai of Summit Youth Group62
LearningRabbi Ely E. Pilchik63
A Prayer for Our TeachersRabbi Albert G. Baum64
Invocation for Women’s GroupRabbi Louis J. Swichkow65
New Year’s PrayerRabbi Morrison David Bial66
Prayer for Dedication of Hospital ChapelRabbi Morrison David Bial67
Invocation for Temple MeetingRabbi Morrison David Bial69
Invocation for United Jewish AppealRabbi Morrison David Bial70
Prayer for National HolidayRabbi Morrison David Bial71
Prayer for High School GraduationRabbi Morrison David Bial72
Benediction for Charity MeetingRabbi Morrison David Bial74
Meeting InvocationRabbi Morrison David Bial75
“Do not I fill heaven and earth?” (Liqutei Tefilot I:7 part)Rebbi Nahman of Bratzlav (translated by Rabbi Morrison David Bial)76
Childrens Prayers and Meditations77
Morning Prayer for ChildrenMoshe ibn Machir and unknown78
Night PrayerPsalms 478
Children’s Morning PrayerDr. Norman Schanin (“Prayers and Holidays for the Student”)79
Children’s Nighttime PrayerDr. Norman Schanin (“Prayers and Holidays for the Student”)80
It Is Not Enough Only to PrayRabbi Daniel L. Davis81
When Things Go WrongRabbi Daniel L. Davis82
A Student’s PrayerRabbi Nahman of Bratzlav (translated by Rabbi Morrison David Bial)83
The Father and the MotherHenri Frederic Amiel84
Analecta of Prayer85




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