Benyamim Sedaka

Benyamim (Benny) Tsedaka is one of the elders of his people. As an historian, he has published over 100 books and over 2000 articles in Hebrew and English on Israelite Samaritan life, collated by the Internal University Computer in Israel under ‘Samaritans’. Benyamim Tsedaka is Head of the Israelite Samaritan Information Centre. Benny is the author of the ‘Samaritans’ entries in Encyclopedia Judaica; Encyclopedia of Zionism (in English); The Hebrew Encyclopedia, Jerusalem; and Encyclopedia Britannica for Youth (in Hebrew). Benny’s Israelite Samaritan Version of the Torah was published in May 2013. For the first time ever, English translations of the Samaritan Pentateuch and the Masoretic (Jewish) text are laid out in parallel columns with important differences noted.