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the Hierophant

A hierophant is a person who invites participants in a sacred exercise into the presence of that which is deemed holy. The title, hierophant, originated in Ancient Greece and combines the words φαίνω (phainein, "to show") and ‏τα ειρα (ta hiera, "the holy"); hierophants served as interpreters of sacred mysteries and arcane principles. For the Open Siddur Project, the Hierophant welcomes new contributors and explains our mission: ensuring creatively inspired work intended for communal use is shared freely for creative reuse and redistribution.


An Introduction to the Open Siddur Project at the National Museum of American Jewish History (8 December 2019)

Contributed on: 30 Nov 2019 by the Hierophant |

An event featuring a presentation by founding director Aharon Varady introducing the Open Siddur Project to attendees of the first annual Jewish New Media Festival. . . .

Development Status (2010-08-15)

Contributed on: 16 Aug 2010 by the Hierophant |


Hello . . .

Development Status (2009-11-11)

Contributed on: 11 Nov 2009 by the Hierophant |


Open . . .

Development Status (2010-02-15)

Contributed on: 16 Feb 2010 by the Hierophant |


Open . . .

Development Status (2009-08-23)

Contributed on: 23 Aug 2009 by the Hierophant |


Open . . .

Development Status (2009-09-22)

Contributed on: 22 Sep 2009 by the Hierophant |


Open . . .

Culmus Project’s Ancient Semitic Scripts Fonts Now Licensed GPL with “font exception”

Contributed on: 21 Mar 2010 by the Hierophant |

An important licensing update made to a collection of digital fonts maintained by the open-source Hebrew type foundry, the Culmus Project, . . .

📰 “Color-Coded Prayerbook Devised by Rabbi” (Martin Lauer, Springfield Republican 1972)

Contributed on: 25 Aug 2010 by the Hierophant |

An article on Rabbi Jacob Freedman’s planned Polychrome Historical Haggadah from his local newspaper in Springfield, Massachusetts. . . .

📰 “Prayer Unbound” (Hadara Graubart, Tablet Magazine 2009)

Contributed on: 02 Dec 2009 by the Hierophant |

We’re honored to have our project the focus of an article in Tablet. . . .

Testing Our Transliteration Engine with help from James Strong’s Biblical Hebrew Dictionary

Contributed on: 28 Apr 2010 by the Hierophant |


The . . .

List of Compilations

Contributed on: 25 Jan 2020 by the Hierophant |

  . . .

List of Miscellanies

Contributed on: 25 Jan 2020 by the Hierophant |

  . . .

List of Prayers

Contributed on: 25 Jan 2020 by the Hierophant |

  . . .

List of Readings & Sourcetexts

Contributed on: 25 Jan 2020 by the Hierophant |

  . . .

📰 “מאַכט אײַער אייגענעם סידור!‏” (Yoel Matveyev, Yiddish Daily Forverts 2019)

Contributed on: 23 Jul 2021 by the Hierophant |

An article in the Yiddish Daily Forverts (Forward) on the activities of the Open Siddur Project and its founder, Aharon Varady. . . .

📰 “Prayer a la Carte” (Raphael Ahren, Haaretz 2009)

Contributed on: 03 Jul 2009 by the Hierophant |

From the summer of 2009, the first article ever written about our project, the Open Siddur, in the pages of Ha’aretz. By Raphael Ahren. . . .

Public policy, technology, and copyright in Halakha: a sourcesheet

Contributed on: 18 Oct 2011 by the Hierophant |

Last Sukkot 5771 (2011), Efraim Feinstein shared the sourcesheet for his late night shiur (lesson) on copyright in Rabbinic Halakhah (Jewish law). Efraim’s research adds a great deal of important perspective to our work here on the Open Siddur Project. It provides relevant historical context for our work advocating the adoption of free culture principles and free-culture licenses to facilitate sharing (tachlis) within the Jewish world. . . .

📖 סדר תפלת כל פה (מנהג הספרדים)‏ | Seder Tefilat Kol Peh, a bilingual Hebrew-Ladino prayerbook (1891)

Contributed on: 05 May 2021 by the Hierophant |

A bilingual Hebrew-Ladino Sefaradi siddur from the Ottoman Empire. . . .

STOP ACTA & TPP from Undermining Free Speech on the Internet

Contributed on: 10 Feb 2012 by the Hierophant |

Keep the Internet as open as Avraham and Sarah’s tent. Help us oppose ACTA & TPP: — free trade legislation with specific language that will undermine free speech on the Internet. . . .

תנ״ך | TaNaKh: the Holy Scriptures: A New Translation (JPS 1917)

Contributed on: 03 Aug 2010 by the Hierophant |

A digitial edition of the JPS 1917 English translation of the TaNaKh. . . .

test post

Contributed on: 18 Dec 2020 by the Hierophant |

A test page for testing new wordpress code. . . .

📰 “Ten Commandments of Jewish Social Networking” (Jonah Lowenfeld, Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles 2010)

Contributed on: 25 Nov 2010 by the Hierophant |

An interview with Jonah Lowenfeld of the Jewish Journal on the values of sharing Torah learning as practiced by the Open Siddur Project. . . .

📰 “Taking Prayer Into Their Own Hands” (Steve Lipman, New York Jewish Week 2010)

Contributed on: 13 Jan 2010 by the Hierophant |

In January 2010, the Jewish Week published a piece about the Open Siddur Project by Steve Lipman, entitled, “Taking Prayer Into Their Own Hands.” The article is no longer available online at the Jewish Week website or in any online cache. We have archived it here for posterity. . . .

תורה, נביאים וכתובים: תּרגום ייִדיש פֿון יהואש | The Yiddish Translation of the TaNaKh by Yehoyesh Shloyme Blumgarten

Contributed on: 14 Jan 2012 by Yehoyesh Shloyme Blumgarten (translation) | The Yehoyesh Project (transcription) | the Hierophant |

The Open Siddur Project is pleased to distribute a masterful Yiddish translation of the Tanakh by “Yehoyesh” (Yehoash) Shloyme Blumgarten (1870-1927) as published in Torah, Neviʼim, u-Khetuvim (New York: Yehoʼash Farlag Gezelshaft, 1941) that now resides in the Public Domain. . . .