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James Koppel Gutheim

Rabbi James Koppel Gutheim (1817–1886), originally from Münster in Westphalia, Germany, was a prominent reform rabbi in the mid-19th century who served Congregation Shangarai Chasset of New Orleans and, for a time, Temple Emanu-El, in New York City.


Heil’ge Sabbath-Ruhe | Holy Sabbath Rest, by Rabbi Gotthold Salomon (1833)

Contributed on: 27 May 2023 by James Koppel Gutheim | Gotthold Salomon |

“Heil’ge Sabbath-Ruhe” is a hymn selected by Rabbi Gotthold Salomon, Immanuel Wohlwill, and Maimon Fraenkel for inclusion in the Hamburg Temple Hymnal (1833), hymn №342, p. 415. The first, fourth, and sixth stanzas were translated by Rabbi James Koppel Gutheim and published as “Der Sabbath (The Sabbath)” in his Hymns, for Divine Service in the Temple Emanu-El (1871) as hymn №1, pp. 2-3. The hymn also appears as the preface to Gotthold Salomon’s sermon “Der Segen des Sabbathtages” in Der berg des Herrn: Kanzel-vorträge über den Decalog (1846), p. 32 lending me to think that the hymn was at the very least appreciated by him, and possibly also written by him. –Aharon Varady . . .

📖 Hymns for Divine Service in the Temple Emanu-El, by Rabbi James Koppel Gutheim et al (1871)

Contributed on: 24 Jun 2022 by James Koppel Gutheim | Temple Emanu-El (New York City) |

A collection of hymns used by Temple Emanu-El in New York City. The hymn book mainly contains hymns in German with English translation by Rabbi James Koppel Gutheim (1817-1886) with another handful in English including one by Rabbi Moritz Mayer (1821-1867), and the rest by a young Felix Adler (before his founding of Ethical Culture). . . .

Prayer on the Occasion of the Dedication of Ḳahl Montgomery Synagogue, by Rabbi James Koppel Gutheim (16 May 1862)

Contributed on: 08 Jul 2022 by Aharon N. Varady (transcription) | James Koppel Gutheim |

This civic prayer, recorded by an unknown Montgomery, Alabama newspaper on 16 May 1862, was offered at the dedication of the new Ḳahl Montgomery synagogue building, by Rabbi James Koppel Gutheim. The newspaper clipping, found in the I. Solomon Collection in the manuscript department of Duke University Library, was transcribed by Dr. Bertram W. Korn for his article, “The Jews of the Confederacy,” American Jewish Archives vol. 13, no. 1 (Apr 1961), on pages 40-42. . . .

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