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SHARE WHAT YOU LOVE ♡ A Decision Tree for Choosing Free-Culture Compatible Open Content Licenses for Cultural & Technological Work

The afikoman hiding in plain sight: On Freedom and Roleplaying in Re-enacting Judaism’s Archetypal Hero’s Journey

Copyright and Commercial Use: the Problem with Creative Commons’ Non-Commercial Use Licenses

A Tale of Two Codexes: The Aleppo and Leningrad Codex

“Ten Commandments of Jewish Social Networking” (Jonah Lowenfeld, Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles 2010)

Openness, remixability, and free culture (Efraim Feinstein, 2010)

An interview with Aharon Varady on Open Source Judaism (Radio613, 2010)

Efraim Feinstein presents the Open Siddur Project at NewCAJE, 2010

Publicly funded work of Jewish non-profits should be shared with Open Content licensing (Future of Jewish Non Profit Summit, 2010)

Our hearts are stirred to create and to share

On the Open Siddur Project: A Brochure Presented at the Academy for Jewish Religion’s Spring Intensive 2010

Access, Sharing, and Innovation through Digitization and the Public Domain

Jewish Content, Free Culture and “Content Compatibility” by Efraim Feinstein

Preserving Public Domain resources from End User License Agreements in Proprietary Torah Databases

Why, davka, an Open Siddur Project by Aharon Varady (PresenTense 2009)

Pirate Siddurim vs. Open Siddurim (PresenTense 2009)