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Dangerous Storms & Floods
📁 Dangerous Storms & Floods

This is an archive of prayers in the event of dangerous storms and floods, including those caused by tsunamis and hurricanes.

Click here to contribute a prayer you have written, or a transcription and/or translation of a relevant historic prayer or song in any language, familiar or obscure.

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For prayers written for the Wet season (Fall & Winter) in which precipitation is expected, go here.

A Prayer for the Flood Stricken in eastern Kentucky, by Rabbi David Dine Wirtschafter (2022)

תפילה לנספים בשטפונות | Prayer for Flash Flood Victims, by the Masorti Movement in Israel (2018)

מי שברך לאסונות טבע | Mi sheBerakh for Natural Disasters, by Isaac Gantwerk-Mayer

A Prayer for Central Oklahoma After the Tornado, by Rabbi Abby Jacobson (2013)

כעבור סופה | After the Storm: A Prayer to Choose Life by Rabbi David Seidenberg (neohasid.org)

אחרי הסערה | Prayer in the Aftermath of the Hurricane, by Rabbi Samuel Barth (2012)

A Prayer in the Aftermath of a Devastating Storm, by Rabbi Menachem Creditor (2012)

אחרי הצונמי | Prayer in the Wake of a Tsunami, by Rabbi Shai Held (2004)

עוֹשֶׂה מַעֲשֶׂה בְרֵאשִׁית | Blessing on Seeing Lightning, a rhyming translation by Jessie Ethel Sampter (1919)

שֶׁכֹּחוֹ וּגְבוּרָתוֹ מָלֵא עוֹלָם | Blessing on Hearing Thunder, a rhyming translation by Jessie Ethel Sampter (1919)

The Voice of the Lord, a poem by Rosa Emma Salaman (before 1883)

תפלה לרבוי גשמים | Prayer in the event of excessive rain (Mantua, Italy 1729)