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This is an archive of prayers composed in response to or in anxious anticipation of an attack intended to invoke communal terror and distress.

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For prayers offered in the event of imminent communal danger and distress, go here.

For prayers offered in the event of hateful intolerance, prejudice, and bigotry, go here.

For prayers offered in the event of pogroms and genocide, go here.

For prayers offered in response to conflicts over sovereignty and dispossession, go here.

For prayers composed for social justice, peace, and liberty, go here.

תפילת השעה | Prayer of the Moment [after the Neve Yaakov synagogue shooting], by Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch (Knesset haRabanim l’Yisrael 2023)

Gratitude Prayer, by Rabbi Menachem Creditor on the first anniversary of the Pittsburgh Tree of Life massacre (2019)

אֵלֶּה אֶזְכְּרָה, נוּסַח פִּיטְסְבּוּרְג | Eileh Ezkarah for Pittsburgh, by Rabbi Jonathan Perlman with Rabbi Tamar Elad-Appelbaum & Rabbi Martin Cohen (2019)

תפילה לארצות הברית לאחר הטבח בפּיטסבּורג | Prayer for the United States after the Pittsburgh Massacre, by Rabbi Stephen Belsky (2018)

A Prayer for Pittsburgh [after the Tree of Life synagogue massacre], by Rabbi Menachem Creditor (2018)

מי שברך למיני פשעי שנאה | Mi sheBerakh for Hate Crimes and Bigotry, by Isaac Gantwerk-Mayer (2017)

תְּפִלָּה לְהַצָּלָה מִפִּגּוּעֵי טֶרוֹר | Prayer for Rescue from Terror Attacks | Bön om skydd från terrorhot, by R’ Hillel Ḥayyim Lavery-Yisraëli (2014)

תפילה לבאסטאן | Prayer for Boston after the bombing, by Rabbi Stephen Belsky (2013)

Prayer After the Bombing in Boston, by Rabbi Rachel Barenblat (2013)

פתח לנו שער בעת נעילת שער | Open for us a gate at the closing of a gate, by Rabbi Dr. Dalia Marx (2005)

Prayer for Peace in Israel, by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks (Office of the Chief Rabbi of the UK & the Commonwealth, 2003)