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Child care

This is an archive of prayers composed for, or relevant to, the care and well-being of children by parents, guardians, and other caregivers.

If you have composed a prayer for children, please share it here.

Looking for something else?

For prayers composed for well-being, health, and caregiving in general, please visit here.

For prayers composed for success in learning and in school, please visit here.

הַשְׁכִּיבֵנוּ | Shield the Children: A Prayer for Refugees, a paraliturgical translation of Hashkivenu by Rabba Kaya Stern-Kaufman

הַמַּפִּיל | A Parent’s Prayer for the Safe Sleep of their Newborn Child by Aurora Mendelsohn

תפילת הודיה לחברה למניעת אכזריות לילדים | Prayer of Thanksgiving for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (1954)

א תְּחִנָה פאר א שׂטיףּ מוטער | A Tkhine for a Stepmother (from Shas Tkhine Ḥadashah, 1922)

דיא װײבּער װאס האבּין אײן שׁװערין מזל צו קינדר זאלין דיא תחנה זאגין | Women who Have Bad Luck with Children Should Recite this Tkhine (1910)

תְּחִנָּה מִגְדַּל הַשֵּׁן | Tkhine for a Baby’s First Tooth

תחנה פאר אמוטער װאס פירט אקינד אין חדר | Tkhine for a Mother Leading their Child to Religious School (1910)

א תחנה פאר א מוטער װאס פירט איהר קינד דעם ערשׁטען מאל אין חדר | Tkhine for a Mother Who Leads their Child for the First Time to Religious School (1910)

Gyermekek üdvéért | Gebet für das Heil des Kindes | Prayer for the well-being of children, by Rabbi Arnold Kiss (1897)

Prayer for a Sick Child, by Rabbi Moritz Mayer (1866)

Prière d’un enfant pour son père et sa mère | A child’s prayer for their parents, by Jonas Ennery & Rabbi Arnaud Aron (1852)

Prayer of a mother for her sick infant child, by Marcus Heinrich Bresslau (1852)

Ein Kind am Grabe seiner Eltern | An orphan child at the grave of his parents, a teḥinah by Yehoshua Heshil Miro (1829)

Gebet einer Wittwe | Prayer of a Widow, a teḥinah by Yehoshua Heshil Miro (1829)

Gebet einer Stiefmutter | Prayer of a stepmother, a teḥinah by Yehoshua Heshil Miro (1829)