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This is an archive of prayers written for, or relevant to, the Fast of Esther on the day preceding the festival of Purim.

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תפלה לכל תענית צבור ועל כל צרה (שלא תבא על הציבור!) | Amidah for Any Communal Fast and On Account of Troubles (Nusaḥ Italki)

תפילה למי שצריך לאכול בימי צום | Prayer for those who need to eat on fast days (A Mitzvah to Eat, 2022)

אֵל שְׁמֹר הַמַּלְכָּה | God Save the Queen (adapted from the Hebrew translation of Hyman Hurwitz 1831)

An einem Fasttage (תענית) | Prayer on a fast day, a teḥinah by Yehoshua Heshil Miro (1829)

Am Fasttage vor dem Purimfeste (תענית אסתר) | On the fast day before the Festival of Purim (Ta’anit Esther), a teḥinah by Yehoshua Heshil Miro (1829)

בִּמְתֵי מִסְפָּר | BiM’tei Mispar, a seliḥah for Taanit Esther by Meshullam ben Ḳalonymus (11th c.)

אָדָם בְּקוּם עָלֵֽינוּ | Adam B’qum ‘Alenu, a seliḥah for Taanit Esther by Menaḥem ben Makhir (ca. 11th c.)

אַתָּה הָאֵל עוֹשֵׂה פְלָאוֹת | Atah ha-El Oseh Fela’ot, a seliḥah for Taanit Esther by Shimon bar Isaac (ca. 10th c.)

קרובות לתענית אסתר | Ḳerovot for Taanit Esther by Yosef ibn Abitur (ca. 10th c.) with other seliḥot arranged by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer

תהלים כ״ב בלשון לאדינו | Psalms 22 by David in Ladino (Estampado por Ǧ. Griffit, ca. 1852/3)