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☞   Tu b’Av

This is an archive of prayers written for, or relevant to, Tu b’Av, the 15th day in the month of Av in the Jewish calendar, the last day for harvesting wood for the sacred fires of the Temple altars, also called the Day of the Breaking of the Axe. In the agricultural cycle, the festival occurs during the annual grape harvest and was a day when women went out in borrowed white clothing to dance in the field and choose spouses from among the men who came to dance with them.

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ברכת המזון לסעודת טו באב | Birkat Hamazon additions for the Feast of Tu b’Av, by Gabriel Wasserman

זמר לט״ו באב | Zemer for Tu b’Av, by Avraham ben Ḥalfon (ca. 12th c.)

ט״ו באב | The Fruit of Tu B’Av: explanation and ritual for the 15th of Av by R’ Jill Hammer

ט״ו באב | Tu b’Av: sources for study and celebration on the 15th of Av