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☞   Ḳadesh

This is an archive of prayers, songs, and other individual works relevant to the first course of the seder for Pesaḥ (Passover): Ḳadesh, the ritual sanctification of the festival over the first cup of wine (or grape juice).

Click here to contribute a work or a transcription and translation of a historical work that you have prepared for Ḳadesh in the Seder Pesaḥ.

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For a list of Haggadot for the Seder Pesaḥ, go here.

For an archive of prayers, song, and other supplemental material specific to other Pesaḥ seder courses, find:

הַכָּרָת רִבּוֹנוּת הָאָרֶץ | Indigenous Land Acknowledgment for Cincinnati, Ohio, by Aharon Varady (Havayah community, 2021)

הַכָּרָת רִבּוֹנוּת הָאָרֶץ | Indigenous Land Acknowledgement for Toronto, by Aurora Mendelsohn (2020)

תרומה הבדילנו | T’rumah Hivdilanu (A Gift Distinguished Us) — A Poetic Ḳiddush for the Pesaḥ Seder, according to two of its nusḥaot (ca. 9th c.)