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Meditation before Yom Kippur for One who Cannot Fast, by Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub (2005)

Kavvanah before eating or drinking on Yom Kippur for military personnel on active service (IDF 2017)

Kavvanah before eating or drinking on Yom Kippur for those who must eat for the safety of their life, as found in Torat ha-Yoledet (Rabbi Yitzchok Zilberstein 1983)

An Intention for Eating on Yom Kippur, by Rabba Melissa Scholten-Gutierrez (2022)

A Prayer for Eating on Yom Kippur, by A Mitzvah to Eat (2022)

תפלה לכל תענית צבור ועל כל צרה (שלא תבא על הציבור!) | Amidah for Any Communal Fast and On Account of Troubles (Nusaḥ Italki)

תפילה למי שצריך לאכול בימי צום | Prayer for those who need to eat on fast days (A Mitzvah to Eat, 2022)

Am Zerstörungstage Jerusalems, den 9. des Monats Aw (תשעת באב‎) | [Prayer] on the day of Jerusalem’s destruction: the 9th of Av, by Fanny Neuda (1855)

ליקוטי תפילות א:לז | Prayer for a Gilgul Nefesh (Liqutei Tefilot Ⅰ:37), by Reb Noson Sternhartz of Nemyriv adapted from the teachings of Rebbe Naḥman (ca. 1820s)

An einem allgemeinen Fasttage | [Prayer] on a general fast day, by Fanny Neuda (1855)

An einem Fasttage (תענית) | Prayer on a fast day, a teḥinah by Yehoshua Heshil Miro (1829)

Haftarah Reading for Minḥah on Fast Days (Isaiah 55:6-56:8): Chantable English translation with trōp, by Len Fellman

עשרה בטבת | The Tenth of Tevet on a Friday: Can one fast half a day? by Rabbi Ethan Tucker (Mechon Hadar, Center for Jewish Law and Values)