Prayer of the Guest Chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives: Rabbi Meir Felman on 28 May 1962

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Excerpt: The Opening Prayer given in the U.S. House of Representatives on 28 May 1962. . . .

Guest Chaplain: Rabbi Meir Felman, Judea Center Synagogue, Brooklyn, New York
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Date of Prayer: 28 May 1962

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Almighty God,
we lift our hearts in praise and gratitude
for the spiritual heritage of America;
for freedom of altar, home, and school;
for patriot souls, heroes of the spirit,
loyal to Thy living word,
who offered full measure of selfless devotion
that this precious legacy might be preserved
to us
and to our children.
As we enjoy the rewards
earned by the labors
of our Founding Fathers,
may we fully comprehend
that the tasks they so nobly advanced are never finished;
that freedom is not inherited, it must be merited;
that liberty is not bought, it must be taught;
that brotherhood and peace are not possessions
but goals to be reached
and ideals to be attained.
Merciful God,
bless our glorious land
and the eminent men and women
who direct its destiny
so that peace and security,
happiness and prosperity,
right and freedom
may forever abide
in our midst.

This prayer of the guest chaplain was offered in the fifth month of the second session of the 87th US Congress in the House of Representatives, and published in the Congressional Record, vol. 108, part 7 (28 May 1962), page 9362.


Congressional Record, vol. 108, part 7 (28 May 1962), p. 9362


Contributor: Aharon N. Varady (editing/transcription)


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