Aharon N. Varady (transcription)

Aharon Varady (M.A.J.Ed./JTSA Davidson) is a volunteer transcriber of works in the Public Domain for the Open Siddur Project. If you find any mistakes in his transcriptions, please let him know. Shgiyot mi yavin, Ministarot Nakeni שְׁגִיאוֹת מִי־יָבִין; מִנִּסְתָּרוֹת נַקֵּנִי "Who can know all one's flaws? From hidden errors, correct me" (Psalms 19:13). If you'd like to directly support his work, please consider donating via his Patreon account. Besides his transcription work, Varady occasionally translates prayers and contributes his own original work. (As founding director of the Open Siddur Project, he also serves as an editor and website administrator of opensiddur.org, and is an outspoken advocate for open-source in Judaism more of which can be read about in this interview in the Atlantic Magazine.)

a dental cast preserving the word הושיעני (hoshiani, "save me") inscribed on the verso of a lower set of teeth in a story told in the 2009 film A SERIOUS MAN (dir. Coen Bros.)

בסיעתא דארעא