Abe Katz (translation)

Abe Katz (translation)

Abe Katz is the director of the Burei HaTefila Institute. The Beurei Hatefila Institute was established in order to encourage the study of the words of the Siddur as a Jewish text in Jewish schools. To assist educators developing courses on Tefila, the Institute publishes a weekly e-mail newsletter in which it traces the sources for the words and structure of the prayers within the Siddur. These and other resources can be downloaded on PDF from the Burei HaTefila Institute website.

Mr. Katz is also available to teach courses on Tefila at your synagogue or Jewish Community Center and as a scholar-in-residence. He is available to meet with school administrators to assist them in establishing a course in Beurei Hatefila at their schools and to train teachers on using Hebrew-English word processing and Judaic libraries on CD-ROM.


להבין את התפלה | Rav Amram Gaon’s letter to Rav Yitzḥok b. Shimon of Sepharad, circa 9th century

Contributed on: כ״ה במרחשון ה׳תשע״ה (2014-11-17) by Amram Ben Rav Sheshna | Abe Katz (translation) |

The opening letter of Rav Amram to a community in Spain from his 9th century order of prayer (Seder Rav Amram Gaon). . . .

עשרה בטבת | Asarah b’Tevet and the Tragic Side of Ḥanukkah, by Rabbi Shem Tov Gaguine (1934)

Contributed on: כ׳ בכסלו ה׳תשע״ה (2014-12-12) by Shem Tov Gaguine | Abe Katz (translation) |

Why is the military victory of the Maccabees not referred to in the Mishna or Gemara but is mentioned only in later writings and in the prayer of Al Ha’Nissim? . . .

שריך לינקאלען | Memorial Prayer for Abraham Lincoln, by Isaac Goldstein haLevi (1865)

Contributed on: י״ח בשבט ה׳תשע״ב (2012-02-11) by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer (transcription & naqdanut) | Aharon N. Varady (transcription) | Abe Katz (translation) | Isaac Goldstein |

Exalted are you Lincoln. Who is like you! You were highly respected among Kings and Princes. All that you accomplished you did with a humble spirit. You are singular and cannot be compared to anyone else. Who among the great are like Lincoln? Who can be praised like you? . . .

Prayer for the Government in honor of George Washington, First President of the United States of America by Ḳ.Ḳ. Beit Shalome (1789)

Contributed on: כ״ז בשבט ה׳תשע״ב (2012-02-19) by Aharon N. Varady (transcription) | Abe Katz (translation) | Ḳ.Ḳ. Beit Shalome |

The following prayer for the government was composed by Congregation Beth Shalome in Richmond, Virginia in 1789. Please note the acrostic portion of the prayer in which the initial letters of the succeeding lines form the name: Washington. . . .

After Shaḥarit: Abiding Advice for Daily Living, by Eliyahu Carmi (1767)

Contributed on: ח׳ בתשרי ה׳תשע״ג (2012-09-24) by Abe Katz (translation) |

In Avignon, France, in 1767, Eliyahu Karmi (Elijah Crémieux) compiled a siddur preserving the nusaḥ of the Comtat Venaissin titled the סדר התמיד (Seder HaTamid). Just after the section for תפלת שחרית (the morning prayers), Karmi provides the following advice for how to organize one’s workday: . . .