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Epidemics & Pandemics

This is an archive of prayers composed in the event of an epidemic or pandemic.

If you have composed a prayer in such an event, please share it here.

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For prayers composed for well-being, health, and caregiving in general, please visit here.

תפלה להסרת מסכה | A Prayer for Removing the Mask, by Rabbi Dr. Dalia Marx and Rabbi Inbar Bluzer Shalem (2021)

Havdallah: Thinking of those suffering from long-COVID, by Gabriel Kanter-Webber (2021)

Prayer for When My Children are Vaccinated Against COVID-19, by Cantor Hinda Labovitz (2021)

A Vaccine Prayer, by Rabbi Menachem Creditor (2021)

A Prayer of Gratitude Upon Receiving a COVID Vaccination, by Chaya Kaplan-Lester (2021)

Who Can’t Breathe? Three Outcries and a Prayer, by Rabbi Arthur Waskow (the Shalom Center 2021)

מִי שֶׁבֵּרַךְ אֶת כֹּל הַח‍וֹ‍לִים/וֹת | Mi Sheberakh for the Ill During the COVID Pandemic

I can’t breathe, We can’t breathe, Earth can’t breathe, a prayer-poem by Rabbi Arthur Waskow (the Shalom Center 2020)

הושענא להושענא רבה תשפ״א | Save Us! A Hoshana Prayer, by Rabbi Shlomo Zuckier for Hoshana Rabbah 2020

תחינה לימי נגיף הקורונה | Supplication for the Days of the Coronavirus (Masorti Movement in Israel 2020)

אֱלִי צִיּוֹן וְעָרֶיהָ | Eli Tsiyon v’Arehah — Coronavirus, by Daniel Olson & Rabbi Benjamin Goldberg (2020)

מי שברך לחולים במגפה | Mi sheBerakh for those ill from the COVID-19 Coronavirus, by Nurit Novis (2020)

מי שברך לשלום החולים במגפת נגיף הקורונה | Mi sheBerakh for the Welfare of those Ill from the Coronavirus Epidemic (Schechter Rabbinical Seminary 2020)

תפילות לשמיני עצרת שנת תשפ״א, בזמן מגפת הקורונה | Prayers for Shemini Atseret 5781 during the Coronavirus Pandemic, by Amit Gvaryahu & Yedidah Koren

תפילה למחסן/ת | Prayer for those Administering Vaccinations (Masorti Movement in Israel 2020)

תפילה קודם תפילה בציבור בימי קורונה | Prayer Preceding Communal Prayer During the Coronavirus Pandemic, by Rabbi Binyamin Holtzman (2020)

תפילה פרטי ליושבי הסגר | Private Prayer for Those Dwelling in Quarantine, by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer (2020)

מי שברך על כל המחרפים נפשם לעצור את המגפה | Mi sheBerakh for the Medical Workers & Researchers on the Front Lines of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic (2020)

תפילה בתגובה למגפה | Prayer in response to the Coronavirus Outbreak in Italy (Assemblea Dei Rabbini D’Italia 2020)

Prayer Amid the Pandemic, by Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis (Office of the Chief Rabbi of the UK & the Commonwealth 2020)

תפילה למתחסן/ת | Prayer for those Receiving Vaccinations (Masorti Movement in Israel 2020)

Viddui for Coronavirus, by Rabbi Ora Nitkin-Kaner (2020)

תְּפִלָּה לַמִּתְחַסְּנִים | A Prayer for the one to be Vaccinated, by Rabbi Esteban Gottfried (2020)

Prayer for Workers in a Time of Pandemic, by Rabbi Michael Rothbaum (New England Jewish Labor Committee 2020)

תפילה בתגובה למגפה | A Prayer in Response to the Coronavirus, by Rav Shmuly Yanklowitz (Valley Beit Midrash 2020)

A HaLakhma Anya Passover Seder Supplement for the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic (Our Common Destiny 2020)

📖 סדר אכילת הסמנים | Seder Akhilat haSimanim for Rosh Hashanah 5881, by Ḥayyim Obadyah (2020)

מענטשן־פרעסער | Mentshn-Fresser (“People Devourer”), a Pandemic Ballad by Shlomo Shmulevitsh (1916)

תְּחִינָה װען עס ברעכט אױס אַ מַגֵפָה | A Tkhine When an Epidemic Breaks Out (1916)

תפלה בלחש | A Whispered Prayer (for protection from noxious air and people), by Tsvi Hirsch Robinson (1909)

תפלה על המגפה שתעצר | Prayer for Cessation of the Disease Now Raging, by Rabbi Dr. Moses Gaster (1892)

Thanksgiving Day prayer in honor of King Umberto Ⅰ of Italy upon the passing of a cholera epidemic, by Rabbi Sobato Morais (28 November 1884)

קמע לשמירת המגפה | Amulet for Protection from the Plague, attributed to Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum (ca. 19th c.)

A Supplication Before the Divine Throne During an Outbreak of Asiatic Cholera in Montreal by R’ Abraham de Sola (1849)

Gebet wenn Seuchen oder epidemische Krankheiten herrsche | Prayer When Epidemic Diseases Prevail, a teḥinah by Meïr Letteris (1846)

תְּפִלַּת מַשְׁבִּית מִלְחָמוֹת וְהַדֶּבֶר מִן הַבְּהֵמוֹת | Prayer for the cessation of war and pestilence afflicting domesticated animals (ca. 1800)

פזמון בשעת המגפה ח״ו | Pizmon for a time of plague (God forbid!), by Rabbi Moses Mendels (ca. early 17th c.)