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☞   Engagements & Weddings

This is an archive of prayers written for, or relevant to, the Jewish life cycle celebration of engagements and wedding days.

Click here to contribute a prayer you have written for an engagement or wedding day.

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For ketubot and other shtarot, go here.

For prayer composed for, or relevant to, the life journey of marriage, visit here.

For public readings on the shabbat following a wedding, Shabbat Ḳallah, go here.

שבע ברכות | Sheva Brakhot, the seven blessings following the Birkat Mazon at a wedding meal

שבע ברכות לנפשות קשורות | Seven Blessings For Interlinking Souls, by Rabbi Dr. Raysh Weiss and Rabbi Jonah Rank

שבע ברכות | The Seven Blessings over a Wedding (interpretive translation by Aharon Varady)

הברכה שמח תשמח | Blessing for Joy: A Poetic Rendering of Sheva Brakhah no. 6 (Same’aḥ T’samaḥ), by Daniel Kieval

תפילה לפני קידושין | Prayer before Kiddushin for Couples, by Sarah Groner

תְּפִלָה לְאִשָׁה לְאָמְרָהּ לִפְנֵי שֶׁמְגַלַּחַת אֶת שַׁעֲרוֹת רֹאשָׁהּ | Prayer for a woman to say before her hair is shorn

מַה נָּאווּ עֲלֵי | Mah Navu Alei, a piyyut by Rabbi Shimon bar Nissim (ca. 20th c.)

א תחנה פאר א כלה קודם החופה | A Tkhine for a Bride [to say] before the Khupe [wedding canopy ceremony]

תחנה פיר אין כלה פאר דער חופה | Prayer for a Bride before her Wedding (19th c.)

תחינה פאר א אִשָּׁה פאר דעד חוּפָּה פון איר זון ארער איר טאָכטער | Tkhine for a mother to say before the wedding of her daughter (19th c.)

Gebet einer Mutter am Hochzeitstage ihres Sohnes | Prayer of a mother on her son’s wedding day, by Fanny Neuda (1855)

Gebet einer Mutter am Hochzeitstage ihrer Tochter | Prayer of a mother on her daughter’s wedding day, by Fanny Neuda (1855)

Prayer on the Day of Betrothal, by Marcus Heinrich Bresslau (1852)

Prayer on the Day of Marriage (previous to the Nuptial Ceremony), by Marcus Heinrich Bresslau (1852)

כְּהַיּוֹם הַזֶּה בִּירוּשָׁלַיִם | k’Hayom HaZeh Birushalayim (This day in Jerusalem), a wedding prayer from the Seder Rav Amram Gaon (ca. 9th c.)