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Mosheh ha-Levi

Mosheh ha-Levi (also, Mose Levi, c. 1827 - 21 July 1910) served for more than three decades, from 1872 to mid-1908, as acting chief rabbi (Ḥakham Bashi) of the Ottoman Empire. Born in Bursa around 1827, Levi was educated at the city’s rabbinic seminary. In 1872 Levi succeeded to the office of chief rabbi.

אָשִׁיר לָאֵל אֲשֶׁר שָׁבַת | Ashir la-El Asher Shavat, a piyyut by Rabbi Mosheh ha-Levi (ca. 19th c.)

Contributed on: 16 Jun 2021 by Honi Sanders (translation) | Mosheh ha-Levi |

A piyyut and table song for Shabbat by the chief rabbi of the Ottoman Empire. . . .