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Asher Hillel Burstein

Asher Hillel Burstein is a cantor, poet, singer-songwriter, and teacher. Besides his education in various yeshivot, a bachelors degree in Hebrew, an MFA in Fiction Writing, and a masters in Jewish Studies, he is working on a third masters degree in Secondary English Education while finishing up his doctorate in Creative Writing.


אֵלִי כְּבוֹדִי: זמר לסעודה השלישית | Eli Kevodi (My God, My Glory), a hymn for the third sabbath meal by Asher Hillel Burstein

Contributed on: 29 Jul 2022 by Asher Hillel Burstein |

Eli Kevodi (My God, My Glory”), for seudah shelisheet, was composed by Asher Hillel Burstein in 2018. The hymn was awarded the “Rabbi Hershel Matt Creative Liturgy Award,” the first prize in the creative liturgy contest sponsored by ARC (The Association of Rabbis and Cantors), an interdenominational group of Jewish clergy. . . .

חֲנִינָא בֶּן דּוֹסָא | Ḥanina ben Dosa, a song by Asher Hillel Burstein

Contributed on: 17 Dec 2022 by Asher Hillel Burstein |

This piece is about Ḥanina ben Dosa, a wonder-working rabbi who lived in Judea in the first century. The singer pleads to Ḥanina that he intercede in Israel’s behalf and obtain God’s help and salvation for her and the world. . . .

קְבֵלְתָּא דְּלִבָּאִי | Qevelta de-Liba’i (My Heart’s Lament), by Asher Hillel Burstein

Contributed on: 29 Jul 2022 by Asher Hillel Burstein |

Qevelta de-Liba’i (“My Heart’s Lament”) is a melancholy song I wrote in Targumic Judeo-Aramaic in 2010. This piece is an existential peek into an old man’s private moment. He looks in the mirror and waxes wistful, longing for his bygone youth. . . .

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