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Avrum Goodblatt (translation)

Avrum Goodblatt, a senior technology and management consultant, was the co-founder in 1989 of what is now the oldest Jewishly oriented service accessible through the Internet, Shamash (formerly, the New York-Israel Project of Nysernet). He was also project manager for Sadarit, the first PC Hebrew desktop publishing program.


שמע | Ḳabbalistic Commentary on the Shema from Rabbi Isaiah Horowitz’s Siddur Shaar haShamayim

Contributed on: 10 Mar 2015 by Isaiah Horowitz | Avrum Goodblatt (translation) |

Rabbi Isaiah Horowitz (1565-1630), known as the Shlah from the name of his chief work (Shnei Luḥot HaBrit – The Two Tablets of the Covenant), was a rabbi in Central and Eastern Europe and later Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Jerusalem. This text is an excerpt from his kabbalistic prayer book, Siddur Shaar haShamayim (Gate of Heaven), which deals with the Shma prayer. . . .