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David Abernethy

David Abernethy

David Abernethy practices law in the Philadelphia area and is a member of the Beth Am Israel community in Penn Valley, Pennsylvania.

A Prayer for our Country, its Leaders and its Citizens, by David Abernethy (2020)

Contributed on: 13 Dec 2020 by David Abernethy |

A prayer for the United States, its leaders and government and its citizens — a personal response to things that were troubling me in the months before November’s election – in particular the level of divisiveness in our country, and what seemed to me to be a growing sense that it isn’t important to respect people we disagree with, and an ever more prevalent belief that we are entitled to decide for ourselves which rules to follow, and all that matters are own rights and our beliefs, not our responsibilities to one another. Inspired by the events of 2020 . . .

A Prayer for Remembrance and Peace on Memorial Day, by David Abernethy

Contributed on: 17 May 2021 by David Abernethy |

A prayer for the observance of Memorial Day in the United States. . . .

בסיעתא דארעא