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Harry H. Epstein

Rabbi Harry H. Epstein (1903–2003) born in Plunge, Lithuania, was, for much of his career, rabbi of Congregation Ahavath Achim in Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up in Chicago, Illinois where his father, Ephraim, was one of the most prominent rabbis of the Orthodox community. In 1922, at Slabodka Yeshiva in Lithuania, he studied with his uncle, Rabbi Moshe Mordecai Epstein, and in British Mandate Palestine was one of the first students at the Hebron yeshivah. He received his semikhah from Rav Abraham Isaac Quq in 1925 and accepted his first pulpit at Congregation B'nai Emunah in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1927. A year later, at the age of 25, Rabbi Epstein left Tulsa for Ahavath Achim in Atlanta where it became one of the largest Conservative movement affiliated congregations in the South.


Prayer of the Guest Chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives: Rabbi Harry H. Epstein on 16 March 1978

Contributed on: 16 Mar 2024 by Harry H. Epstein | United States Congressional Record |

The Opening Prayer given in the U.S. House of Representatives on 16 March 1978. . . .

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