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Inbar Bluzer Shalem

Rabbi Inbar Bluzer Shalem is co-founder and CEO of Rashut Ha`Rabim, an umbrella organization for the renewal of Jewish life in Jerusalem.. Previously, Inbar founded and directed Haifa Hillel and was the first Hillel shlicha to the University of Massachusetts; she holds a BA in economics and an MA in humanitarian affairs through a joint program of Israelis and Palestinians in Italy. Inbar is the alumna of six pluralistic Batei Midrash programs in Israel. She has recently been ordained as a rabbi following completion of her rabbinic studies at Hebrew Union College. She also received an MA in pluralistic Jewish education from Hebrew University. Inbar is married and lives in Jerusalem with three of the most amazing children in the city.


תפלה להסרת מסכה | A Prayer for Removing the Mask, by Rabbi Dr. Dalia Marx and Rabbi Inbar Bluzer Shalem (2021)

Contributed on: 16 Jun 2021 by Alex Cicelsky (translation) | Inbar Bluzer Shalem | Dalia Marx |

“A Prayer for Removing the Mask,” was composed by Rabbi Dr. Dalia Marx and Rabbi Inbar Bluzer Shalem in June 2021. The English translation was made by Alex Cicelsky. . . .