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Jewish Reconstructionist Foundation

Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan saw no need to start a separate movement to achieve his goal of creating a unified American Judaism without denominational factionalism. However, his followers believed that, if Kaplan’s visions were to be realized, a separate movement was needed. Therefore, in 1940, the Jewish Reconstructionist Foundation was established to support the works that promoted the Reconstructionist program.

📖 ספר תפילות לשבת | Sabbath Prayer Book, by the Jewish Reconstructionist Foundation (1945)

Contributed on: 15 Sep 2017 by Aharon N. Varady (digital imaging and document preparation) | Mordecai Kaplan | Eugene Kohn | Ira Eisenstein | Milton Steinberg | Jewish Reconstructionist Foundation |

Arranged and translated by Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, the Sabbath Prayer Book is the first Reconstructionist prayerbook we know of to have entered the Public Domain. . . .

📖 The Faith of America: Readings, Songs, and Prayers for the Celebration of American Holidays, compiled by Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, J. Paul Williams, and Eugene Kohn (1951)

Contributed on: 22 Dec 2020 by Eugene Kohn | John Paul Williams | Mordecai Kaplan | Jewish Reconstructionist Foundation |

A collection of civic prayers, poems, and readings arranged for thirteen civic holidays in the United States. . . .

בסיעתא דארעא