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Michal Ratner Ken-tor

Rabbi Michal Ratner Ken-Tor serves as the Rabbi of the Megiddo Regional Council and the founder of MEGIDO HARUACH, a new nonprofit organization in Megiddo. She was born in Kibbutz Geva and grew up on Moshav Kfar Yehezkel in the Jezreel Valley, and is the fifth child from a Zionist family who made Aliyah in 1968 from the USA. After her military service as an officer, Michal attended Bar Ilan University where she restudied Education, Political Science and Communications. She continued her education in Jewish Studies at the Schechter Institute where she received her MA. Michal is a graduate of the rabbinical school HUC.

תפילת הדרך | Tefilat haDerekh (Traveler’s Prayer), by Rabbi Michal Ratner Ken-tor

Contributed on: 28 Jun 2020 by Michal Ratner Ken-tor |

A prayer for safe travel. . . .