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Simkha Y. Weintraub

Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub, CSW, is the Rabbinic Director of the National Center for Jewish Healing and the New York Jewish Healing Center.

Meditation before Yom Kippur for One who Cannot Fast, by Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub (2005)

Contributed on: 29 Sep 2022 by Simkha Y. Weintraub |

This “Meditation before Yom Kippur for One who Cannot Fast” (2005) was written by Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub, LCSW, Rabbinic Director, National Center for Jewish Healing. It appears in הַרְחֶב פִּֽיךָ וַאֲמַלְאֵֽהוּ Open Your Mouth Wide, and I (God) Will Fill It: Prayers and Rituals for those who need to eat on Yom Kippur (2022), p. 11. . . .

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